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Our court surfacing solutions are ideal for basketball courts, pickleball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, and countless other types of multi-use courts. We use the newest tech and innovations that allow us to supply quality solutions to any court needs.

Now serving Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas


Ultimate Playability

100% acrylic-textured surfacing ensures that courts maintain a consistent speed of play. Nonslip texture offers superior traction. Low-sheen, glare-reduced finish helps you focus on the game.

Proven Durability

High-pigment, fade-resistant colors keep courts vibrant year after year. All-weather surface stays resilient. A diverse color palette helps courts stand out or blend in with existing surroundings.


The Process


When you are ready to start this process fill out our form, give us a call, or send an email. We will then reach out to discuss what sports you will be using the court for as well as any custom features you would like. We then schedule a time to do a final consultation and go over colors and features.


Now the fun part. We start your project. Plan for us to be in and out of your hair in under three days! (for the average pickleball/tennis court) We are fast and efficient. Laying a court is a work of art. Watch as our master technicians flow through the process and give attention to every detail. Feel free to say hi and ask questions. We love connecting with our clients. No two courts are the same and we take pride in our work!


We will send you a detailed estimate with a full price breakdown. Feel free to ask questions and make adjustments. We are here to build the court of YOUR dreams! Upon your approval, we will take a deposit, and add you to our calendar!


It has been a blast but it is time for us to go. One of the co-owners will do a final walkthrough with you and make sure everything is ready to go. Your court is ready for play just 24hrs after the final coating. Let the good times roll!


The Work

Patch Binder and Crack Fill: This is the first step in preparing the court for resurfacing. It involves applying a patch binder to the court surface to fill in any existing cracks or holes. The binder helps to restore the integrity of the court surface and prepare it for the next steps in the process. Quality standards for this step often involve ensuring that all cracks and holes are properly filled, and that the patch binder is spread evenly to avoid creating any uneven surfaces.


Resurfacer Coating: Once the patch binder has been applied and has dried, the next step is to apply a resurfacer coating. This coating is often made of a mixture of sand, binder, and other ingredients, and it serves to smooth out the court surface and prepare it for the color coating. Quality standards for this step involve ensuring that the resurfacer coating is mixed properly and applied evenly, and that it covers the entire court surface to create a smooth, even playing surface.


Color Coatings: The next step in the process is applying the color coating. This is the layer that gives the court its distinctive color and appearance. Quality standards for this step involve making sure that the color coating is applied evenly and without any streaks or blotches, and that it adheres well to the resurfacer coating underneath.


Line Painting: After the color coating has been applied and has dried, the next step is to paint the lines on the court. These lines delineate the boundaries of the court and the areas for different types of play (such as the service boxes in tennis, or the three-point line in basketball). Quality standards for this step often involve ensuring that the lines are straight and clear, and that they are the correct dimensions and in the correct positions according to the rules of the sport.


We ensure that each step is performed correctly and to the best of the company's abilities, resulting in a court that is smooth, evenly coated, and correctly marked. The court will be safe and enjoyable for players to use, and will be durable enough to withstand the rigors of play and the effects of weather. We back our work with an extensive warranty.


Designing Your Court

To explore different color options and combinations select your main sport and design away!


Additional Features

-Net Posts and Sleeves
We have permanent and non-permanent net options
-Nets (Tennis and Pickleball)
-Backboards and Posts (basketball)
-Custom Color Options
-Glow in the dark lines
-Custom Court Logos

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